Click & Pledge User Manual:

Click & Pledge Help & Support Portal: - This is where you can create a support ticket

Click & Pledge Community Forums:

These forums can be difficult to navigate. It's a good idea to set up a username/password so you can clearly see which articles have/have not been read. Click & Pledge support staff do actively participate in the forum and will be quick to answer your posts.

Release Updates:

Click & Pledge is updated frequently. To stay up to date on the latest releases, bookmark these forums:

How-to Videos:

Overview videos on specific functionality in Click & Pledge can be found here . Highlights include:

In addition to these product videos, the company's YouTube channel is here. 

Weekly Webinars:

An overview of webinars can be found here. The company hosts regular webinars on General use, Salesforce integration, Events as well as an open weekly office hours session.