About Address Management

Address Management is a package designed to work specifically with the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack’s Household object. It allows you to track historical and seasonal addresses, and it can be set to auto-update addresses based on start and end month/days that you specify.

Note: You must have at least version 2 of Contacts & Organizations and Households packages from the Salesforce Foundation to use Address Management application.

Install Address Management

Appexchange link. Click Get it Now.

Login in where indicated and agree to terms.

Click Continue to install in instance. Note: Your version number and name may vary depending on the latest version available.

Install Address Management

Click Next on following screen.


Click Grant access to all users and then click Next.


Click Install.


When complete, you will see a screen that looks like this (version numbers may vary)


Configuration Steps for Address Management Package

Configure Settings on the Address Management Settings Tab. Enable/Disable features per your needs:

  1. Automatically create Related Address record when Household Mailing Address changes: you will want to enable at least this setting, which creates a Related Address record each time you change the address on the Household
  2. Automatically Copy Household Mailing Address to Household Members: If you check this box, every time the Household Mailing Address is changed, it will also update the Mailing Address of all related Individual/One-to-One Contacts (Contacts who have their own name as their Account Name). If you plan to use the address management package to track seasonal addresses that automatically update, you will want to select this feature. Otherwise, updates will not be passed to Contacts as well as Households.
  3. Copy Household Mailing Address to Household Members who are Contacts at an Organization Account: This feature is only applicable to those organizations who assign Households to all Contacts, not just Individuals. If you want Household Addresses to be passed automatically to Organization Contacts, select this feature. Many organizations choose not to select this option, if the Mailing Address on their Organization Contacts is likely to be a work address.
  4. Automatically Copy Contact Mailing Address to related Household: If you select this feature, the package will automatically copy the Contact Mailing Address to the Household any time you update it on the Contact. If you do not want this to happen automatically, there is a manual button you can click on the Contact record after you update an address that will do this as well.
Configuration Steps for Address Management Package

Post-Install Configuration Steps

Setup > Create > Objects > Households

Scroll to the Fields Sets section and click Edit link.

Post-Install Configuration Steps

Edit the Manage_Household_Custom field set to include the following fields:

  • Address Type
  • Reason for Address Change

Click Save to save the field set.


Edit the Household page layout.


Add the following fields to the Household page layout:

  • Address Type
  • Reason for Address Change

Don't click save yet...


Click Related Lists in the top section of the layout and add the Related Addresses list to the layout.

Click the wrench icon to customize the fields.


Add these fields to the related list view by selecting them from the Available Fields column and then the right-facing Add button to add them to the Selected Fields, as shown:

  • Address Type
  • Mailing Street
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Postal Code
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Start Month
  • End Month
  • Default Address

Click on the Buttons bar. Add the “Make Primary” button to the layout.

Click OK and then Save the page layout.


How do I create a new address?

There are two ways to create a new address.

1) Update the address on the Household record: depending on the settings you select (in the Address Management Settings tab) for your organization, making this simple update can automatically update all associated Contacts’ addresses, and also create a new Related Address which will become the default address for the Household.

How do I create a new address?

2) Manually add a related address to the Household: Scroll down to the Related Addresses related list and click the “New Address” button. This is the best way to add a seasonal address (that has a specific start month and day each year), or if you want to add an additional address that is not the Default address for the Household.



How do I set a default address?

If you change a Household’s Address, that address automatically becomes the default address.

If you want to change an address that already exists in Related Addresses to the default, you can check the box to the left of that address (1), and then click the “Make Primary” button (2).

Setting an address as the default will automatically copy it to the Household Address fields (unless there is an active Seasonal Address). If you wish the address to be automatically copied to all related contacts as well, you can activate that feature in the Address Management Settings tab.

How do I set a default address?

How do I set a seasonal address?

On the household, scroll down to the Related Addresses related list. Click on “New Related Address.” Enter the address information.

Do NOT check the default address checkbox. Select a start month, start day, end month, and end day. When you create an address, the address management app will automatically check to see if today falls within the range between the start and end month/days you selected. If it does, the app will automatically copy the address to the Household’s address fields. If the start month/day are in the future, the app will check each night to see if any related addresses should be starting that day, and it will update the Household’s address at that time.

How do I set a seasonal address?

Working with start and end dates

Start Date and End Date are fields that are automatically populated by the Address Management application, but they can be modified if you need to adjust them.

Start Date is the date an address was first known to be a valid address (populated with the date that that address was first entered on the Household).

The End Date is the date the address became invalid. If you change an address on the Household, it will automatically fill in the End Date on the previous default address.

Working with start and end dates

Reason for Address Change

When you change an address on the Household record, you have the option to enter in a “Reason for address change”  whatever you enter in that box will be automatically copied to the related address record when you save. The Reason for Address Change box on the Household will be cleared out and ready to be used the next time you need to change the address.

Reason for Address Change

Questions? Need Help?

This application is available free of charge and without license. If you have questions or need support using this application, please contact support@kellpartners.com. All requests will be prioritized and addressed at KELL’s discretion.